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Vaastu Sleep By Jiten Pyramid
Vaastu Sleep By Jiten Pyramid

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Short description:-

     Let your sub-conscious mind work for you! We spend one-third of our life span on our bed. So energize your bed first and make use of a powerful yantra! while you are at sleep your conscious mind is at rest, but your sub-conscious mind helps you to manifest peak performance & new success in health, business & relationship.

Long description:-

     Ancient wisdom tells us that the strongest powers of the universe are within us. Scientific researchers also confirm the tremendous ability of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is said to be 9 times more powerful than our conscious mind. While we are at sleep our conscious mind is at rest , but subconscious mind is at work  to help  us connect with the universal energy. This connection leads to improved performance & brings in success in the work done by the subconscious mind during the night, which is much more beneficial to us than that of the work done by the conscious mind when we are awake.  It helps in fulfilling your wish by transforming your dreams & desires into reality by activating the universal link.

Also 1 red and 8 white pyramid yantra plates consisting 81 pyramid yantra grids , 1 gold pre-programmed & 80 copper chips are used for quick result .  There are 81 special radiating crystals and pre- energised chamber for programming and putting your desire list. It also clears your chakra and gives you an experience of increased energy. It also auto corrects vaastu defects & counteracts evil forces that might be hindering your success.



How to  use:-

     Just remove the mattress off the bed. Measure and make 9 parts of a bed (with a pencil or marker) of the same size. Now place the special Red pyramid plate in the centre of your bed and the remaining 8 white plates in the rest of the 8 parts of the bed.  Now, place your mattress above the plates carefully so that the plates don’t shift. You can also stick plates on the bed with a double- adhesive foam tape. Vaastu sleep is now ready for your total well-being. You can also use vaastu sleep as your personal wish amplifier tool by placing a return wish list into the Red chamber; below the Red pyramid yantra plate. For placing the wish list take a 2x2 white paper & write your wish with Red pen, very clearly & positively.

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