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Fortune Plate  By Jiten Pyramid
Fortune Plate By Jiten Pyramid

Price: 435/-

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Short description:

                  This pre-programmed pyramid yantra with added power of “Fortune plate”. Helps in removing all fortune blocks & their ill-effects, and also generates positive energy around you in your atmosphere.                                                      

Long description:

                  Fortune plate is a multipurpose tool; it can be used as your name plate on the main door or on the table it can be fixed with your designation & name .The twin pyramids & the copper discs generates the positive & beneficial effect of pynergy. This plates content 3 main parts. (Twin pyramids copper ring, fortune stand and a name plate.

How to Use

                  It is very simple to use – just type your name on the name plate in Red & now fix the plate in the 2 side holes. Remove the adhesive tape and fix on the main door of your office or home. 

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