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Reiki Card  By Jiten Pyramid
Reiki Card By Jiten Pyramid

Price: 1140/-

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Short description :

                  Healing is the flow of love from the heart of the cosmos to the heart of each cell. The healer is just a catalyst in the process.

Long description :

                  Enriched with magical square, the scared ,Antahkarna, Vedic pyramid-grid & 9 copper pyramids. Combination of  cosmic  Reiki colors for fast results, a gold disc & Fa-Maa activator. A set of 9 scared  Fa-Maa activator symbols to personalize your card.

How to Use

                  After your card are prepaid, you can simply wish or do Reiki or Fa-Maa programming  by placing your card on your left hand with the copper pyramids & the crystal pointing upwards & placing your right hand on top of it.

                  Establishing a better comic link for brighter future. Evoking your own inner strength for total well-being. Eliminating your energy blocks from all your 3 planes- physical , emotional , & mental. Improving your healing power by helping you elevate your spiritual level. Creating more peace , prosperity & happiness.

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