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Health 9x9 By Jiten Pyramid
Health 9x9 By Jiten Pyramid

Price: 1560/-

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Short Description:

This new kit is a unique combination of two powerful energies like pyramid and colors. It is based on Dr. Jiten Bhatt’s FaMaa color therapy.

Long Description:

  Health 9x9 comes is a pair of two plates, one is the color from above and the other is supporting white. You can use in healing, Reiki or and alternative method of treatment by simply holding in two hands.

How to use:

According to Prof.  Ddr. Bhatt, 3 Fa colors are Red, Orange and Maa colors are Green, Blue and Violet. He has developed 6 healthPyra color plates and a supporting plate with White color. Tthhis is Health 

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