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Flat Max – Copper By Jiten Pyramid
Flat Max – Copper By Jiten Pyramid

Price: 3450/-

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Get ready to unlock the 5000 years old secret of Pyramid Energy!
Ever since the pyramid was discovered as a source of mystical energy, it has been experimented for making dreams come true. Here comes an unlimited tool for Vaastu corrections and energy upliftment in your flats and apartments. Flat Max will give new applications and dimensions to this science.
It’s a boon to all big builders; they can fix one Flat Max in each apartment before selling

Secret Features:

Flat Max – Copper By Jiten Pyramid
Power of one ‘Max’ pyramid in this Flat-Max (based on HPM, Horizontal Power Method)
Enriched with 9 Copper pyramids and 81 Pyra-grid.
Supported by 81 Radiating Crystals and 81 directional copper arrow.

Mystic Benefits:
Flat Max is really flat so that it can be easily fixed in places where conventional Max cannot be place due to space restraint.
Must for centre correction of all flats.
Ideal for new big projects, fix a Flat Max in each flat before selling it.
Can solve many problems due to its innovative design.

How to Use
As per recommended by your Pyra vastu Consultant, you can place it under your tiles during flooring, on the ceiling or on the walls. It is very simple to use and gives fantastic results. Ideal for homes, shops, offices and factories.

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