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Pyra Compass By JIten Pyramid
Pyra Compass By JIten Pyramid

Price: 450/-

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Pyra Compass By Jiten Pyramid 



Pyra – a compass for Vastu & Pyra - Vastu

This new self- diagnostic- Pyra – compass, from world-renowned Pyra Vastu master. Prof. Dr Jiten Bhatt is a must for finding Vastu and feng shui defects.

Special features :

  • Unique 8 zone indicator.
  • Accurate imported moment.
  • Full transparent base, for the easy map, diagnosing.
  • Size 4 X 4 Inch.
  • Velvet case for safety.


You can find the defect in your house and correct it the new Pyra Vastu method. So start with this handy and practical tool today.  

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