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Fortune Tower By Jiten Pyramid
Fortune Tower By Jiten Pyramid

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Short Description :-

A simple and effective pyramid yantra that is a must in your house, office or work place.

Mystic benefits

  1.  Aligns the powerful central axis to bring about a Quantum shift in your present situation.
  2. Gives you a 8- Directional luck and abundance .
  3. Power of pyramid makes it programmable to your needs and create fortune in your lives.


Long Description :-

Fortune Tower works on the principle of the eight Trigrams or Eight Prajapatis. The ever – expanding universe is based on the law of central axis  , quantum shift, universal Bipolarity and 8- Guardian directions. . For any Existence and manifestation eight directional energies are needed. For any Existence and to power to have the power perform, you need the bipolar energies of heaven and earth, purusha and prakriti  or Fa and Ma .  A central axis with eight directional energies have the power to bring you luck , abundance, fortune , happiness and all – round prosperity. Fortune Tower has been designed in a vertical plane along with the eight directional energy trigrams placed specifically, so as to improve and enhance your fortune.


Easy to use :-

Absolutely easy to use, this tool creates fortune for you. Just take it in your hand, put in your wish for all – round abundance and fortune . It can be placed in any living or working premises like home , office , factory, Building etc. you can place it on any wall and in any direction, but not in front of or facing a toilet. 

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