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DOOR PRO KIT By Jiten Pyramid
DOOR PRO KIT By Jiten Pyramid

Price: 6900/-

SKU: 7156


1st time in the world, a door protection kit for home, office and factory vaastu!

Special door protection kit which has a 9 Ba Gua with pyramid yantra and a gold plate in the center. This special provision in the center is made to pre program your pyramid Ba Gua before applying to make it personalized and hence more effective. It is a unique instrument made for the first time in the word for bringing protection and good luck. It is a must on every door.

Door Pro:-Black is for outside use and helps to protect your house from Sha Chi like too many shining objects sharp pointed corners or incomplete construction of next building, a heavy transformer outside house or water on a wrong side, etc. it not only protects but also attracts helpful energies to bring you good luck. Not only dose Sha Chi affect from outside the house but, inside our houses too we have many Sha Chi affecting us adversely. Door Pro- White guards us from any Sha Chi or killing energy shooting at us from inside. These killing energies are usually caused by hostile objects or structures that represent poison arrow. It also can be programmed according your need that it attracts positive energies to bring good luck.  

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