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Vaastu Consultancy

We do Vaastu consultancy. The remedies that we suggest are always using Jiten Pyramids only. This method doesn’t need any demolition or reconstruction. This technique is very effective, useful, easy to implement, very cost effective and time saving.

The services that we provide fall broadly in 3 categories:

Direct interaction:- Here the customer walks into our office with his floor plan after getting an appointment. Our expert goes over the plan and suggests remedies. A quotation is given and date to implement the remedies is fixed.
Internet consultancy :- Here the customer sends a proper floor plan along with the north direction properly indicated. This plan is downloaded and printed. And then our expert examines it. On receiving payment at our bank a/c, the solutions are emailed to the client. A quotation is also sent . The client has to order the needed pyramids and deposit the amount at our bank a/c. the client can phone in to get any clarifications as how to implement the remedies.
Site visit:- Sometimes the client cannot send the floor plan, the fees are discussed and paid into our bank a/c and the our expert visits the site. A floor plan is drawn, examined and remedies are given. A quotation is given on the spot. The client is given the liberty to implement the corrections within a reasonable time.

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