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The Basic Vastu course

  1. Introduction to basic vaastu
  2. Study of different types of plots
  3. Study of roads around the plots
  4. Study of North-East direction in the vaastu
  5. Study of North-West direction in the vaastu
  6. Study of South-East direction in the vaastu
  7. Study of South-west direction in the vaastu
  8. Study of Brahmasthan in the vaastu
  9. Cuts, Corners and Extensions in vaastu
  10. Importance of door in vaastu
  11. Defects in vaastu
  12. Problems in 8 directions
  13. Ideal flat
  14. Vaastu Purush
  15. total no of videos are 59 aproximately 4hrs.

Why should you learn The Basic Vastu course from us:-

  1. The learner may also be able to give some traditional solutions to those problems.
  2. The learner becomes a vaastu expert.
  3. When the learner completes the course he should be in a position to check any location & point out vaastu defects in the location. The problems that come from such defects in the location can also be diagnosed.


Author : Prof.Giridhar Shetty

Prof.Giridhar Shetty is a senior faculty member at The Patkar - Varde College, Goregaon (W), Mumbai.

He has been teaching Physics for the past 32 years. He is also a certified and practicing Pranic healer. He has also been working in the field of Vaastu and is adept at Dowsing.

A few years back, Prof.Giridhar Shetty, came in contact with Prof.Dr.Jiten Bhatt. This meeting sparked his interest in the science of Pyravaastu. He got fascinated with the techniques of using Pyramids (Aakash Yantras), for Vaastu Corrections & Personal remedies.

This led to experimentation & exploration. Prof.Giridhar Shetty has been practicing Pyra vaastu for the past 10 years and helped a large number of individuals to alleviate their financial, relationship and emotional problems.

Demo 1 - Introduction


More Demo videos and Sample Papers

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