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About Pyramid Vaastu Course

At present deeply involved with developing and expanding an internet market for Jiten pyramid products.

  • MR.Sanjiv Joshi Presently proprietor of Sri Pyramid Yantra center Dadar
  • Offering consultancy services to variety of clients, like builders, hospitals, schools & institutes, factories, & commercials places. Also gives guidance to a number of vaastu consultants, fengshui experts, astrologers and alternate healers.
  • Is a trained clinical hypnotist & expertise in spirit release.
  • Is Practicing astrologer.
  • Has developed a meditation room to help unwell patients.
  • Is an expert financial advisor & planner
  • Organizes seminar of workshops on a variety of topics In vaastu.
  • Is closely associated with Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt.
  • Keenly interested in technology & gadgets.

A World where health, wealth, progress, peace, happiness, prosperity & spirituality is created for all.


To develop enlightened professionals of integrity, equipped with advanced knowledge of pyramid vaastu, who will work creatively & tirelessly to bring health, wealth , progress , peace , prosperity ,happiness & spirituality for all.

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